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Local Law Firm Provides Low Cost Customized Plan Amidst Financial Crisis

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Local Law Firm Provides Low Cost Customized Plan Amidst Financial Crisis

Michigan Law Firm Thav, Gross, Steinway & Bennett Offer Comprehensive Financial Crisis Management Program

BINGHAM FARM, Mich., Feb. 13 /PRNewswire/ — Northville based, contracting plumber Ray Case has been in business for nearly 31 years and has seen his fare share of financial ups and downs. Specializing in restaurants, Case has never seen such dire times, nor has it affected him so severely. While he has been able to stay in business by downsizing and taking projects out of state, more than 2 million Americans have become unemployed since 2008, with nearly 425,000 of them Michiganders.

While possible changes in legislature are likely, attorney’s experienced in financial crisis management at Thav, Gross, Steinway & Bennett P.C. are providing interim relief to Michigan residents and business owners. The firm’s Financial Crisis Management program is geared towards identifying the best strategies for individuals and businesses coping with financial crisis. Recognizing that the need for this type of service out ways the cost, the firm has restructured its program, setting fees based on the client’s ability to pay.

“We are in the midst of an economic meltdown, and Detroit is ground zero,” said Kenneth Gross, Managing Shareholder at Thav, Gross, Steinway & Bennett, P.C. “It is imperative that people consult someone who is an expert in the field, so that the proper mix of services is selected to address the specific needs of the person who has the problems.” “We are finding that people are being provided self serving and improper advice by firms that are single-service providers such as loan modification, debt settlement, tax relief and bankruptcy only firms.”

Noted Case:

“Our family became overwhelmed with debt, draining our finances just to stay afloat. We interviewed several other attorneys and the program at Thav, Gross, Steinway & Bennett, P.C. They were the only ones that understood how wide ranging our problem was. It wasn’t about only eliminating debt – it was about finding a way that we could stay in business and earn a living. They offered a comprehensive course of action, that best fit our financial crisis. Since working with the firm our debt is controlled.”

As the first to identify financial crisis management as a specific process, the firm has been providing this unique type of service to individuals and businesses in the Metro Detroit community for 26 years. The firm pools its resources in tax collection defense representation, bankruptcy, business transactions, mortgage modification and debt resolution in order to navigate its clients through the difficulties imposed by intransigent lenders, the taxing authorities, the credit industry and the current dismal economy. Ken Gross, recognizing the plight of Michiganders, started the “Financial Crisis Talk Center” which airs every Saturday mornings at 9 AM on WDFN 1130 AM. The show focuses on the Financial Crisis from the perspective of the plight of Michiganders and has included guests such as Congressman Thaddeus McCotter and State Democratic Chairman Mark Brewer.

For more information, please contact Thav, Gross, Steinway & Bennett, P.C. at 248.645.8200, or on the web at www.thavgross.com.

SOURCE Thav, Gross, Steinway & Bennett P.C.

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